Friday, October 16, 2009

It's friday - time for a short summary of some of the tweets I loved this week. Enjoy:It's friday - time for a short summary of some of the tweets I l

Feedback is a forcefull tool - Esther Derby calls it a necessary skill for interdependent work:

@estherderby Feedback is a Necessary Skill for Interdependent Work via @DianaOfPortland

start with yourself: have you given feedback to any of your colleagues this week? Well, you could and probably should do so :-)

Microsoft Project 2010 is coming near - stay informed
Preliminary information on Microsoft Project 2010 is provided (not only) on twitter by the team

@MSFTProject New blog post: - Microsoft Project 2010: Introducing the Team Planner #pmot (via @stefan_hagen)

Thoughts on teambuilding and self-organised teams
RT @estherderby RT @mhsutton re: agile roles vs responsibilities , Rachel Davies' really good take on it...

Sharing responsibility is important for building project management teams too.
RT @zcope Sharing responsibility #pmot

Ever seen a deadline been shifted from one week to another?
Dilbert on shifting deadlines - via @dilbert_com

Working as a freelancer, you sometimes have to deal with contract agencies. This can be - but is not always - prosperous.
JohnEstrella: RT @BigDashan Great tips on how to work with Contract Agencies #pmot

I'd like to end with a tweet I wrote:
followfriday @meetdux information on #sharepoint, received his book yesterday, very good read so far.

The background: I did some research on SharePoint on twitter and came across Dux Raymond Sy and his book SharePoint for ProjectManagement. I just started reading it and will post an abstract later.

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