Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time Management - Lecture by Randy Pausch

I came across this video via twitter today. As I find it impressive, I want share it with you.
This is nearly a classic already – a Lecture by Randy Pausch on Time Management.

The video is in Englisch and lasts about an 1:15 h.

Learn more about Randy Pausch on Wikipedia EN DE and on his private Website.


"Making the simple complicated is commonplace: making the complicated awesomely simple, that's creativity." (Charles Mingus)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Projektmanagement-Geschichten: Bagdad Bahn

Gerade läuft auf ARTE ein Bericht über den Bau der Bagdad Bahn. Ich finde es ab und an recht interessant, Dokumentationen über Projekte zu sehen. Dieses Projekt war nicht nur infrastrukturell sondern auch politisch eine Herausforderung.

Der Bericht steht ab heute sieben Tage auf ARTE7 zum Abruf zur Verfügung.

Comment on a documentation about the project "bagdad plan" on ARTE TV, broadcasted in German. Anyway it you are interessted, this progamm is available on ARTE TV during the next seven days.

Dilbert - The Blog

I don't know why, but everybody I know who works in projects, loves Dilbert. And Scott Adams seems to be everywhere at everytime. How else could you explain that he must have been near you in any hectic situation you survived in a project.

His cartoons document this.

I guess that his blog is established to a lesser extend. And its worth a read if you love thoughts which are philosophical and fun. Take a look!

Scrum Day - München

I will participate on scrum day in Munich this year.

I use more and more methods from agile project management when working with teams and I am looking forward to this event. Ken Schwaber will hold the keynote and there will be a Q&A Session the evening before - if you have two days time, you may take an active part on an Open Space event. Find more info on this here.

Mutmachertag - 17.Juni 2009

Kai-Jürgen Lietz berichtet im Entscheiderblog von der Idee eines nationalen Mutmachertages die bei einem Frankfurter Xing Afterwork Networkingevent entstand.

Die Idee ist toll, und Mitmachen ganz einfach. Berichten Sie davon! Und seien Sie selbst ein Mutmacher - für sich und für andere. Nicht nur am 17. Juni aber ganz besonders an diesem Tag.

Kai-Jürgen Lietz developped and introduced the idea of a national "Mutmachertag" (go-getter day). Asking the members of Xing, to spread the word via blog, twitter and other media. And especially to become a go-getter and show ourselves and our environment that there is more than just crisis.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally - Spring is in the Air

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies.

I shot these tulips during Easter vacation in Berlin in front of the dutch embassy.

Project Management on twitter

When I started twittering, I was intrigued by the idea of projectmanagement in 140 characters and I still am.

Anyway a lot of projectmanagers are very active on twitter and for this reason twitter has become a great resource and a valuable opportunity for discussion on topics of projectmanagement, changemanagement, leadership and facilitation.

What projectmanagement is concerned, this resource gains worth when hashtags are used. See Ravens Blog explaining the use of hashtags on project management.

Yet another blog on project management

I finally did it ...

... thanks to some friends and especially to Raven Young who encouraged me to get my blog moving.

So what can you expect to read here? Of course, thoughts on projectmanagement in general and in particular on facilitating projects and project teams.

I hope, you enjoy my blog thanks for letting me share my ideas with you.